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Our goal is to distribute RHODIUS brands around the world in cooperation with our distribution partners to ensure that consumers can enjoy our products worldwide. With the best quality "Made in Germany", whether an energy drink, cola, lemonade or mate tea, RHODIUS brands are always tasty.

Quality management and food safety

Auditing processes are a must for RHODIUS, thus controls ensure that the filled product`s maintain a constant and high quality.

Ongoing optimization of processes is necessary to RHODIUS in order to fulfill its primary task and responsibility to develop advanced quality standards.


According to recipe the product can be certified HALAL and / or ORGANIC

Our Export Brands

Customers associate RHODIUS brands and products with the values of a traditional family-owned company and its close relationship to the local area, environment, customers and employees.

Each brand has its own identity. The RHODIUS brands RHODIUS, RHODIUS Gourmet, Vulkanpark-Quelle Eifel POWER POINT, MAYA MATE,


Key Cola and Haindl's are a rounded, mutually complementary range of non-alcoholic beverages for a globally exciting drinking experience.

A brand-specific support package to assist with operative expansion of brands including advertising material completes the range of export services.

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Falsche gourmet

Original RHODIUS Gourmet


Thanks to the geographical characteristics of the Brohltal / Laacher See volcanic park and the volcanic uniqueness of the Eifel region, Original RHODIUS Gourmet has a balanced mineral composition.

Dosen classic



The traditional taste of pure energy with 32 mg / 100 ml, a full load of energy, for the energy kick in between, 32 mg caffeine per 100 ml empowers everybody for longlasting parties and work filled nights.The maximum of energy, POWER PIOINT Classic 0,33 liter cans packed in a 24 unit case.

Dosen himbeere



Fruity and sweet taste of raspberry meets Energy, a fruity-fresh taste for the whole day. Loved by youngsters, a trendy taste for a powerful lifestyle. POWER POINT Raspberry in 0,33 liter cans packed in a 24 unit case.

Dosen icedblue



Blue like fresh glacier water, with a cooling note and for everybody who loves a fresh start, for take offs after sunrise untill sunset. Also POWER POINT Ice Blue is available in 0,33 l cans and 24 unit cases.

Dosen mate


the Brazilan way of drinking tea

MAYA MATE brings the South American lifestyle to Europe: with its exotic, euphoric & refreshing taste, as well as smoky elements, MAYA MATE is a refreshing alternative to energy drinks. MAYA MATE makes you feel awake!

Dosen keycola

Key Cola

Traditional Taste Full of Caffeine

The individual taste of Key Cola with an extra shot of caffeine: 32 mg/ 100 ml in classy retro-style can.

Dosen bitterlemon

Haindl`s Bitter Lemon


Bitter Lemon, the adult lemonade, is a popular refreshing beverage whether mixed or pure. The acid coupled with the sweetness and effervescence tastes balanced and is enveloped by a pleasant non-artificial tasting bitterness that is reminiscent of citrus essence. Available in classic curved 0.33l can in 24-drink tray.

Dosen ginger ale

Haindl`s Ginger Ale


Ginger Ale, the dark and strong version with ginger, a typical English refreshing speciality, takes its name from the ginger root. 0.33l can, best served pure for individualists.

Dosen tonic

Haindl`s Tonic Water


Carbon dioxide and a lemon flavour combine perfectly with the slightly bitter quinine. After a short time in the mouth, the Tonic Water acquires a light lemon flavour that is immediately covered by a herby bitterness. Invigorating refreshment in a 24-drink tray comprising 0.33l cans of pure flavour.

Dosen plusc



RHODIUS mineral water, pure, with volcanic origins and rich in minerals plus vitamin C, covers 50% of daily recommended intake of vitamin C. The ideal combination of refreshing mineral water plus vitamin C for healthy nutrition, refreshing with a touch of lemon. Available in practical 0.33l cans in 24-drink tray.

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RHODIUS Mineralquellen und Getränke
GmbH & Co. KG

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Fon.: +49 (0)2636 / 9 20-100
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