What are the benefits of cans?

Cans are completely light and air-proof, ensuring the drink inside stays fresh. Cans are modern, light, easy to handle and recyclable. They are also unbreakable and practical.

How sustainable are cans?

Beverage cans can be recycled often without loss of quality. Beverage cans made of steel or aluminium can be recycled time and again and still be of the same high quality. 75% of the aluminium produced throughout the world is still in use. For steel, the figure is 80%.
Recycling a can saves up to 95% of the energy that is required for manufacturing the primary material. Less material is now required for manufacture; over the past 40 years, can weight has been reduced by approx. 50%.

What are the differences between a classic, sleek and slim can?

Classic, sleek and slim cans have different diameters. The classic version at 66mm is wider than the slim can at 53mm.
The classic can has a diameter of 66mm. The height of the 330ml version is 115mm, and the height of the 500ml version is 168mm.
The sleek can has a diameter of 58mm. The height of the 250ml version is 114mm, the 330ml version is 145mm and the 355ml measures 157mm.
Slim cans are primarily used for energy drinks. Their diameter is 53mm with a height of 88mm for the 150ml version, 111mm for the 200ml and 134mm for the 250ml.

You can find an overview here: Overview

What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order amount is 250,000 cans per filling

What kind of beverage types can be filled?

• Energy drinks
• Iced tea
• Fruit juices
• Beer and beer blends
• Carbonated soft drinks
• Wine and wine-based beverages
• Alcoholic mixed drinks

What kind of beverages types can be filled?

"For the classic can, you can choose between 330 cl or 500 cl.
Sleek cans are available in following sizes: 250 cl, 330 cl and 355 cl
Slim cans can hold 150 cl, 200 cl or 250 cl."

What additional extras are available for cans?

Cans can be equipped with a range of extras, from coloured tabs and coloured tops to special finishes that give the can a unique feel.
List of additional services

What types/versions of packaging are available?

Cans can be packed into trays of 12, 18 or 24. Furthermore, multiple carton packaging, so-called multipacks, is available for 4 or 6 cans. Multipacks can easily be packed in trays. Wrap- around packaging is packaging that can be produced, filled and sealed by machine. Wrap-around packaging is ideal for transporting 24 cans. A detailed list of packaging options is available here:
List of packaging options

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