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RHODIUS Mineralquellen celebrates opening of its 2nd canning line 10 million Euro investment for state of the art can bottling technology

geschrieben am 2. Januar 2017

In 1977, Rhodius constructed its first canning line. As a mineral water producer RHODIUS
has been one of the first manufacturer bottling mineral water in cans.

With a nationwide distribution, mineral water in cans has proved to be a great success, but has been broken through the introduction of governmental enacted can deposit in 2003. The whole beverage can market experienced a breakdown. Experts predicted a retirement of beverage cans from the market. RHOIUDS did not follow this opinion: “Unlike most competitors, we decided to continue our can production, though not at full capacity. With increasing co-packing orders for third countries, we were able to steadily increase our capacity until our can production facilities reached full work rate again three years ago”, explains Hannes Tack, authorized representative and manager Head of Production.

Today, 13 years later, RHODIUS Mineralquellen inaugurates its second canning line.

Within a record time of 15 month, thereof five month of construction time, RHODIUS and more than 70 professional companies built a new production hall, in which the new KHS canning line has been installed within five weeks.

“As a family owned business in the 8th generation, we don´t think in short terms, but in generations”, highlights Dr. Karl Tack, managing partner and representative board of management. “The construction of both plant and canning line made us invest 10 million Euro, an investment, which is considered the greatest and most significant investment in the entire company history”.

Opening ceremony

On the occasion of the opening ceremony of the new production plant, States Secretary Daniela Schmitt, Ministry for Economy, Traffic, Agriculture and Wine-growing, as well as Dr. Pföhler, administrative head of the Ahrweiler district, appreciated and congratulated RHODIUS.

“Investing in a new canning line is a strong commitment to the Burgbrohl location and the Volcanic Eifel in Germany. Both Rhodius and the region make a point of synergetic effects: Rhodius profits from high quality water from the Volcanic Eifel, whereas the people, the local government and the administrative district in turn take advantage from a sound and stable company. In this respect, the family business, currently in the 8th generation, is a decisive factor contributing to the development of the rather rural Volcanic Eifel”, stated States Secretary Daniela Schmitt.

Dr. Karl Tack and his son Hannes Tack led the audience through an interesting and informative program, including diverse presentations. In an informative and vivid speech machinery manufacturer KHS presented its position as world leader in the field of plant technology within the beverage industry.

Rhodius´main suppliers of cans, Ardagh Metal Beverage Trading Germany GmbH and Ball Packaging Europe Holding GmbH & Co. KG, impressively demonstrated the diversity of can sizes and layout as well as design options. Both suppliers highlighted the expected double-digit growth of the beverage can.

Predominant trends in the beverage industry were presented by representatives of Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG. Besides an explanatory speech Sensory and Consumer Science from Döhler appealed to the audiences´ senses by leading them through a tasting program. All guests were offered beverages from bitter to sweet.

Subsequent to the taste experience, the guests could enjoy a guided tour through the new production facility and convince themselves of the high quality and complexity of the bottling process carried out by Rhodius.

RHODIUS can facility

The new facility meets the highest demands in respect of flexibility and quality. With four packaging lines, the can producing plant offers an incredible diversity of packaging solutions and sizes. Apart from the ordinary 24-drink tray, Rhodius offers trays containing 18, 12 or 6 cans, which are either packed in carton or shrink-wrapped trays.

Hannes Tack explains another particularity: “We do not separate our canning lines as per can size, but according to the beverage type. On account of this, we make sure that aroma-intensive products, like energy drinks, are filled separately from highly sensitive products such as the newly introduced RHODIUS mineral water.”

  • Investment volume inclusive of building | 10.000.000 €
  • Performance | 52.000 cans per hour
  • Can sizes | 150 ml up to 500 ml
  • Beverage types | mineral water, carbonated soft drinks, juices, energy drinks, beer, wine, mixed beverages
  • Packaging solutions | tray of 12,18,24 cans, carrier of 4 and 6 carton/ foil, 24 full carton
  • Palletizing | Euro- , industry- and IPPC as well as Düsseldorfer pallets
  • Multi-component mixer | Inline measuring of CO², brix value and alcohol
  • Pasteurizer | Automatic control of pasteurizer with energy recovery
  • Speedloader | Direct, gapless link to truckloading
  • Airing | Fully integrated ventilating system for automatic supply of fresh air and outgoing air

With the opening of the new plant, Rhodius realizes more than 300 million fillings a year, which are now carried out by seven production lines (two canning lines, glass-, PETCYCLE, PET-ONEWAY-, container- and Bag-in-Box-line). About 50 percent of the whole volume is filled in cans. The enormous size and packaging varieties reflect the company’s product portfolio: RHODIUS offers products ranging from the regional premium mineral water RHODIUS, to Power Point, the energy drink in a stylish can, up to the innovative lifestyle product MAYA MATE, on a regional, national and international level.

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