Rhodius mineral water

RHODIUS mineral water is available in three flavours: Classic (lots of carbon dioxide), Medium (low carbon dioxide) and Naturelle (no carbon dioxide). An active body and healthy mind needs lots of fluids every day so you should drink at least 2 to 3 litres of mineral water a day: RHODIUS mineral water will give your body all the bioavailable minerals its needs, particularly magnesium.

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Rhodius mineralwasser
Miwa apfelschorle does

The only mineral water in a can sourced from Germany

Enjoy the harmonious taste and beneficial balance of minerals in RHODIUS mineral water and profit from the advantages of the can itself. Small, light and unbreakable, the RHODIUS mineral water can is the ideal companion for people on the go. Made of aluminium, it can becooled quickly and has an effective recycling rate of 98.9%.

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Original RHODIUS Gourmet

A mineral water should accompany the character and flavour of food in a neutral way and emphasise wines in a positive way. The combination of balanced mineralisation and fine sparkling carbon dioxide makes RHODIUS Gourmet the ideal companion for high-quality gastronomy in accordance with its concept for success entitled "The best product with a beautiful design".

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Rhodius gourmet

Vulkanpark-Quelle Eifel

The Eifel is a volcanic rock, originality and naturalness in one…just as natural is our mineral water Vulkanpark-Quelle Eifel. There's something for every taste:

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Four unbelievably tasty flavours provide THE refreshment you need: POWER POINT CLASSIC for pure energy enjoyment and the exotic POWER POINT JUICY, which will satisfy your taste buds with an unbelievable 25% fruit content. The Waldmeister flavour, a synonym for spring feelings, is currently enjoying a comeback in other segments. Power Point raspberry promises new taste experiences.


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Power point


MAYA MATE brings the South American lifestyle to Europe: with its exotic, euphoric & refreshing taste, as well as smoky elements, MAYA MATE is a refreshing alternative to energy drinks. MAYA MATE makes you feel awake!

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