A Family Company In The 8th Generation

Our Company

Since 1827 is RHODIUS a familyowend company, actually in the 8. Generation After 1945 in course of the horizontal diversification was 1958 "RHODIUS Mineralquellen und Getränke GmbH" established. Since then RHODIUS Mineralquellen has successfully positioned itself in the non-alcoholic softdrinks industry.

Competence and a high awareness of quality in all steps of bottling beverags is the base of RHODIUS's success.

Yearly 220 million litres of mineral water and non-alcoholic drinks leave the factory at RHODIUS Mineralquellen. Over 250 employees ensure the smooth routine of more than 450 million fillings per year.


Installation of a Filling Line for reusable glass bottles and acquisition of the exclusiv licensing rights for Pepsi Cola in the concession area of Koblenz. Later expansion to the areas of Bonn, Cologne, Aachen and Trier


Installation of a Container-filling line


First filling of RHODIUS Mineralwater and other Softdrinks under the RHODIUS brand


Installation of a can filling line and as one of the first well operation in Europe we fill mineralwater in cans


First time launching the PET-one way filling machine


Using state of te art technics - new PETCYCLE-Machine is launching


The best in a noble design: RHODIUS Gourmet. With ist elegant shaped bottle, balanced mineralisation and finely bubbly carbonation. The perfect companion to exquisit food and wine


Construction of a modern centre with 6000m² for the fast processing of custumor orders


A full automatic KEG-Container-Machine is installed


Installation of a new climate friendly Machine for reusable glass bottles. From now on RHODIUS has five diffrent filling lines


Installation of a BAG-In-Box Machine


Construction of a 900m² area for our employees with locker - and social rooms energy efficiency way of construction meets modern art


New laboratory. Bright, new rooms enable fast analysis of the variety of beverages offered by RHODIUS, both for its own brands and for co-packing customers.


start of a long time partnership with the cult-brands afri cola ans Bluna. The collaboration is started in the northern Northrhine-Westphalia and northern Hesse with the production and distribution licensed brands afri cola and Bluna


Installation of a second can filling line. An investment volume of 10 million euros was created for the construction of the hall and the new plant. This project is one of the largest and most important of its kind in the entire history of RHODIUS Mineralquellen.


Installation of a new line for reusable glass bottles



RHODIUS is climate neutral

As a family business, we continue to drive forward our commitment to climate protection and have made the entire value chain of our RHODIUS mineral water brand CO2-neutral.2-neutral gestellt.

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Our Values

To secure our high quality standards, we have comitted ourselfs to sustainable business practices all over the company. This concerns the careful treatment with the enviroment ans the assumption of social responsibility in society.

Ensuring the high quality of our products ans the sustainability of our economic activities are the two sides of a coin and the same time the strategic success factors of our company.

As a company we feel committed to a sustainable approach to the enviroment and society and express this in our daily actions and thinking sa well as in corporate mission statement.


Our Maximes

  • Ensuring a sustainably generated profitable corporate result.
  • Nachhaltiges und vorausschauendes Wirtschaften
    ist fester Bestandteil unserer Unternehmenspolitik.
  • We orient ourselves to the needs of the market.
  • We communicate openly with our custumers, partners and the public.
  • We treat the nature and its resources responsible.
  • We work on continuous improvement of our carbon footprint.
  • Our employees are the foundation of our success.
  • We secure jobs and apprenticeships.

  • We secure jobs and apprenticeships.
    The "you" is an offer for daily togetherness.

  • The daily interaction is characterised by passion for the cause, pleasure in the product, a family atmosphere and pride and pride in being part of it.

  • We treat each other with respect and fairness fairness, appreciative and appreciative.

  • We welcome diversity.

  • We create a working atmosphere in which healthy and ageing is possible.

  • We promote the compatibility of family and work.